CEO Message
It   is   my   esteemed   pleasure   to   welcome   you   all   on   our   Company’s
Corporate   social   responsibility   remains   the   guiding   principle   in   all   areas   of
activity.   With   the   largest   manufacturing   facilities   of   Diamond   Tools   industry
in   the   country,   the   Company   also   has   the   most   modern   systems   and
processes   in   place   that   are   reviewed   periodically   to   keep   them   abreast
with   changing   needs   and   requirements   of   modern   day   manufacturing.   We
strive   to   maintain   highest   standards   of   quality   and   excellence   in   all   our
processes.    This    dedication    to    perfection    enables    us    to    manufacture
products   that   are   constantly   rated   as   the   best   in   the   country,   resulting   in
maximum   customer   satisfaction   and   highest   brand   equity. All   products   and
production   facilities   are   environment   friendly.   Environment   is   sacred   for
United   Diamond   Tools   Pvt.   Ltd.   We   feel   that   it   is   our   duty   to   protect   the
environment for future generations.
   In    addition,    in    recent    years,    we    are    positively    progressing    with    the
enhancement   of   our   global   production   line   based   on   the   concept   of   local
production,   which   means   that   we   manufacture   products   in   locations   that
are   closer   to   our   customers   and   provide   them   with   a   stable   supply   of
these products.
The   Company’s   real   competitive   advantage   comes   from   its   associates
who   are   technically   skilled   and   professionally   committed. They   are   the   real
strength    of    our    manufacturing    and    marketing    powers.    These    talented
individuals   have   managed   to   nurture   a   unique   element   we   are   most   proud
of   the   culture   of   United   Diamond   Tools   Pvt.   LTD.   The   work   ethics   &   business   practices   of   the   Company   have   their   roots   in
more   than   25   years   of   responsibility   and   dedication.   High   ideals   have   been   pursued   by   the   Company   at   good   times   as   well
as through tough times. It is this consistency that has made United Diamond Tools Pvt.LTD. a market leader We take great pride in our long term business relations with international suppliers and would like to acknowledge their continued support and cooperation in maintaining high standards of excellence. I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers for their trust, the management team for their sincere efforts and Board of Directors for their guidance. I would also like to acknowledge the contributions of all stakeholders Bankers, Dealers, Vendors, Associates for helping build United Diamond Tools Pvt. Limited into a unique Company.
Mohammed Arif
CEO United Group of Industries

CEO Message

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