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Diamond Wire Saw

The application range of diamond wire saws in the stone working industry has increased more and more. Today, wire saws are available for three major applications.

  • Stationary block sawing
  • Contour wire saw
  • Quarries


There are three diamond wire saw systems for extracting raw blocks from quarries.

  • Diamond wire saw with steel springs.
  • Diamond wire saw with plastic coating.
  • Diamond wire saw with rubber coating.

Soft stones such as marble, lime stone or travertine are sawn with spring-type wire saws, fitted with electroplated or sintered diamond beads.

Hard stones such as granites, gabbro etc are a considerably tougher application for diamond wire saws. The design used here features plastic coating or rubber coating between the diamond beads.

For very tough application such as cutting reinforced concrete, the apcing between the diamond beads can also be fixed by means of springs.